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Principal's Desk

MESSAGE FROM PRINCIPALS DESK Education is a vital facet of life that outstrips all other factors. It is the literal building block of life. Education knows no bounds and is an integral part of life that everyone should have access to, regardless of gender, heritage, nationality, classand culture. Here at Vivekananda Government Degree College, we are dedicated to provide quality education that will lead our students to be proactive citizens involvedin the development of society and nation building.

Many people assume that Education is solely based on receiving information and regurgitating it at the right times. This is not the aim of Vivekananda Government Degree College. At this college, we facilitate studentsto learn the information they need tosucceed and also to apply that knowledge constructively. We believe in what Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

In our country, with ever changing demographics and skyrocketing competition, we aim to mould our students so that they not only excel in their education but also be well-prepared to enter into the real world and chase their dreams.It is our strong belief that with the greatest tool Education, anything can be achieved. The students at our college will do much more than just learn. They will be able to lead prosperous lives not only by helping themselves but also by helping others in the society and across the Nation and the Globe

.Best Regards,

Dr. G. Sukanya