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TSKC Report- 2021-22

About TSKC:

The ever increasing prominence of India on the global map has led to a growing demand for hard-working and talented students with good communication skills, computer skills and industry-related skills. However, the conventional curriculum offered through B.A., B.Com and, courses  in degree colleges does not impart requisite skills relevant for dynamic job market, especially that of emerging industries like Software and BPO.  In order to match the dynamic job market and prepare students for the same, the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education (CCE) Telangana State, initiatedTelangana State Knowledge Centre (TSKC), in all government degree colleges across the state.

TheTSKC earlier known as Jawahar Knowledge Centre (JKC) in united Andhra Pradesh was introduced by Collegiate Education, in degree colleges to train students in the requisite skills and facilitate students for global market which demands candidateswith good communication skills, computer skills, writing skills and analytical skills. The JKC centre’s main aim was to help students to carry out their role in the job market to the best of their ability skills.

In 2014 with the formation of Telangana State, the programme is being followed with a fresh vigour. It is renamed as Telangana State Knowledge Centre (TSKC). The TSKC curriculum is redesigned in such a way that the student entering the GDC shall not only be able to compete for an opportunity in the growing market, and but also build up theirentrepreneurship skills.
The Collegiate Education with a view to further strengthen TSKC’s in the state and match the demands of the market entered a MOU with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK), Hire Mee, DEET, IIT Mumbai and Nandi Mahindra Pride etc., so as to help students get access to industry relevant and cutting-edge technology courses across different fields of study and thereby enhancing their employability. Thus, all the Government Degree colleges TSKC Cell works in collaboration with TASK, Hire Mee, DEET and Mahindra Pride both Government and private organizations and continuously expose students to the new programs and innovative pedagogies and address all the requirements of the 21st-century workplace.

Vivekananda Government Degree College, TSKC cell in collaboration with TASK, Hire Mee, DEET, IIT Mumbai and Nandi Mahindra Pride organizations, CCE initiatives, is continuously working towards providing students with skills required to match the industry demands and also provide enriching experience.

In addition to skilling the student with the aim of enhancing employability, TSKC at VGDC is also involved in creating entrepreneurial mind set in students. Mentor talks by successful start-ups, entrepreneurship programs, exposure visits, and yearly entrepreneurship competitions across the district are some of the activities undertaken by the (TSKC ) cell.


The aim of TSKC at VGDC is:

  1. To train students in Communication Skills, Analytical Skills, Personality Development, Soft Skills and Computers.
  2. To impart requisite skills relevant for dynamic job market and to enable students to seize employment opportunities.
  3.  To provide the latest technologies to students from poor and marginalized sections of the society and encourage them to compete with their urban counterparts.
  4. To enable students climb the ladder of success by exposing students to the corporate world and prepare them to be a part of the corporate world.
  5. To help students realize their potential and aim high in life and to motivate students to be creative, independent and self-reliant.
  6. To provide students from the weaker section with adequate knowledge and employability skills and provide the best opportunities.
  7. To train students in TSKCs and promote Institute-Government- Industry interface through training and placements
  8. To help students enroll in online sites for job updates.
  9. To help students build entrepreneurship skills and help students launch their business ideas after graduation.




Five Components of   TSKC

Communication skills

Speaking Skills ,Writing skills &Vocabularybuilding in both English and Mother Tongue

Technical Skills/ Computer

Basic knowledge of Computers, SBTET Typingcertificate, MS office, Internet Browsing, MOOCs,
Certificate Courses

Analytical Reasoning &

Logical reasoning, Problem solving, Creativethinking and Arithmetic

Personality Development

Knowing Oneself, Relationships, Right knowledge

Career Guidance &
Job Preparedness

Career opportunities, Job requirements and Jobpreparedness, Grooming